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Clean your disk, optimize your system, and much more...


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TweakNow PowerPack 2009 is an excellent free application that lets you do comprehensive system maintenance, carrying out all kinds of actions that will improve your PC's performance.

The program includes all types of functions organized into various groups:

. Clean up temporary or unnecessary files on your disk

. Analyze disk or folder usage to find out the amount of free and occupied space, shown in graphs

. Optimize RAM memory

. Create a virtual desktop

. Manage your system's active processes by establishing priorities

. Clean and defragment the Windows Registry

. Manage programs that run on Windows startup

. Show detailed system information

. Clear data stored in web browsers (history, cookies, temporary files...)

. Permanently uninstall programs

. Customize your operating system by accessing more than 100 hidden Windows features

. Recover a backup copy of the system

All this and much more in one recommendable application that, additionally, is free.
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